Wax Melt 2oz Deli Pot & Lid


2oz Deli Pots With Lid
Quantity: 1 Tub
Holds Approx 35-40g Wax


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Wax Melt 2oz Deli Pot & Lid

These handy wax melt 2oz deli pots & lids are great for making smaller pots / samples or great for sample boxes.

Can be used to put simmering granules in also to sell, or why not try scoopable wax, a mix of soy pillar wax and coconut oil, makes the wax melt softer, so scoop-able out with a spoon, these post have endless possibilities.

Let your wax cool to 55°C then pour into the cavities. Allow to cool and set before closing the lid.


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