About Us

New snap bars packaged

We are a family run company based in South Yorkshire. 
We have been running craft businesses for over 15 years, with the Wax Melt Shop being started before the pandemic and like many businesses, we started making a few wax melts and candles, which we initially sold at craft fairs and in our other craft business.
Over the last few years the wax melt industry took off, with a lot of people trying them and quite a few smaller businesses starting up themselves making them and selling them to friends and starting small businesses.
As we gained more customers it became aparent that a lot of smaller business owners were making some wax melts but did'nt always have the time to make the amount they required or to keep up with demand.
This is where we slowly changed our business model and now sell retail and we offer wholesale prices on volume sales. We only produce top quality wax melts for our customers and have built up a solid customer follwing which we hop to continue to provide for and grow with in the future.